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National Maritime is proud to work with Swell as it’s specialist innovation and growth funding
partner. With over £500m in grant support for marine decarbonisation pledged between 2022 –
2025, Swell will help National Maritime partners navigate the process & access this funding to
accelerate the development of next-generation clean maritime solutions.

Funding for Marine Decarbonisation

The transition to NetZero is a reality for every marine business. With the spotlight firmly on the
development of cleaner maritime solutions, grants & R&D incentives are a critical tool in enabling
businesses to overcome the financial barriers encountered when developing and adopting cleaner
vessels and infrastructure.

Swell supports National Maritime partners by embedding innovation funding as a strategic tool for
growth. This involves building highly grant fundable projects, creating best-in-class consortia, and
matching the right grants to your projects.

The innovation landscape is vast and full of opportunities. Together with National Maritime, Swell’s
mission is to streamline the way partners access this funding to accelerate their innovation.

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