SME Maritime Working Group


The SME Maritime Working Group’s objective is to help drive trade and growth for us all and give a bigger voice for UK maritime SMEs.

By bringing together the best specialists in an area, our working group examines key issues, make valuable connections, share best practices and suggest improved approaches, to help develop strong sustainable supply chains and encourage a collaborative approach for the long-term success of the whole sector.

Andrew Malcolm

Andrew Malcolm

Dales Marine Services
Eddie Tattersall - VolkerStevin

Eddie Tattersall

Eric Zon - Lankelma

Eric Zon

Ian ELLIS - Macduff

Ian Ellis

Macduff Ship Design
John Logue - MIT

John Logue

Marine & Industrial Transmissions
Martin Leigh - Grafmarine

Martin Leigh

Nicholas Warren - SMS

Nicholas Warren

The SMS Group
Paul Brooks BW

Paul Brooks

Peter Green - NM

Peter Green

National Maritime
Rosemary Nunn

Rosemary Nunn

University of Greenwich
Sezen Zeki - JIM

Sezen Zeki

Jobs in Maritime
Simon Withington

Simon Withington

MacTaggart Scott
Tim Munn - ABB

Tim Munn

Iconsys & Marine zero
Toby Budd - WorkFloat

Toby Budd

Wayne Ross - Servowatch

Wayne Ross


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