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Do you work within the maritime construction Industry?

Jack-Up Barge Management Course

The International Jack Up Barge Operators Association (IJUBOA) has developed a 3 day training course to further the knowledge of those involved in the procuring and management of Jack-Up Barges and SEP’s. Titled “Managing Safe, Legal and Effective Jack-Up Operations”, its purpose is to ensure there is a greater understanding of the range of risks associated with the safe deployment of Jack-Up Barges and SEP’s, such as an understanding of geotechnical and operational environment conditions, with a corresponding understanding of how to manage them.

The course is suitable for:

  • Middle and senior managers in organisations that operate Jack-Up Barges
  • Contract/Site/Plant Managers and other senior representatives of organisations that procure Jack-Up Barge services in conjunction with maritime construction or offshore projects
  • People involved in the design of Jack-Up Barges

The next course will take place at the DNV-GL offices in London on 18th Sept 2018. To book your place on this course and for further information please see our website www.ijuboa.com