An evening with traditional wooden boat builder Gail McGarva

Event Date:
Start at 7:00 PM
November 24, 2021

The Story Boat Project & Disappearing Lines with traditional boat builder Gail McGarva

Discover why Gail became a boat builder, her interest in building replicas or daughter boats, and how these are breathing life into a new generation of traditional boats. She explains that her boats are “not static museum pieces but expressions of living history.”

In discussion with Gail, we explore how she integrates her work as a boat builder with her work as a performer, bringing to life the stories all boats have to tell about their communities and their shores. The stories and memories are celebrated and shared through Gail’s work as a speaker, performer of original songs of the sea and teller of stories inside the Story Boat. We also take a look at her current workshop project ‘Disappearing Lines’.

Gail McGarva is a traditional wooden boat builder. She specialises in the building of replicas of boats in danger of extinction, which has been recognised in a British Empire Medal. In 2017 she was awarded an Arts Council Individual Grant for the Arts in support of the Story Boat project. The Story Boat is a miniature maritime museum that Gail created from the upturned boat Vera from 1923, giving her a new lease of life on land as the keeper of memories. The project encapsulates Gail’s passion for the preserving of traditional craft. The on-going work of the Story Boat project is an integration of Gail’s work as a boat builder, workshop facilitator and teller of stories.