Controlling cost and downtime in reviving offshore assets

Event Date:
Start at 5:00 PM
February 4, 2021

The use of structural composites to repair and strengthen vessels and offshore assets is increasingly common.

One such composite is SPS which comprises two metal plates bonded with an elastomer core delivering high strength and low weight. The use of such composites is a safe, fast, low risk, simple, proven, economic and Class approved permanent method of repair and strengthening that can be completed in dry-dock, afloat or in-service. This composite eliminates the need to remove original steel as the existing structure forms one element of the new composite.

SPS has been used in the maritime and offshore industries since 1999 for a diverse and innovative range of repair projects.

The response to the offshore industry’s need of a ‘no hot work’ structural steel repair method has led to a number of products coming to market. A no hot work SPS installation method has been available and used since 2003.

In using structural composite panels, naval architects, vessel owners and operators can design structures to take advantage of enhanced impact protection, greater resistance to blast and ballistics, built-in fire protection and improved performance against vibration and corrosion compared to traditional stiffened steel. SPS panels replace stiffened steel eliminating all secondary stiffeners and reducing corrosion prone details and drastically simplifying structures.

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