CrewConnect Global Conference & Exhibition

Event Date:
Start at 12:00 AM
November 22, 2021 - November 26, 2021

The industry’s most relevant event, connecting the global crewing community to inform and inspire change in recruitment & retention, training & safety at sea, and mental health & well-being.


Dealing with the daily

  • Assessing the continued impact of COVID restrictions on business and operations
  • Vaccine distribution: projections and concerns
  • Best practices, support, opportunities for collaboration

The year we skipped ahead

  • Training – delivery, assessment, skill gaps
  • Remote operations, audits, inspections and impact on competency
  • Leadership skills in the digital training era

Caring for our Seafarers

  • Dealing with fatigue, anxiety and stress
  • The structured approach to a good mental health hygiene with prevention in mind
  • Caring for our crew managers and shore-based personnel

Checking in with the Cruise industry

  • Reopening business – what will it take?
  • Recruitment and crew management best practices
  • Training challenges – certification, training centre capacity, assessment

Industry updates

  • Assessing confidence in the industry – are we heading into a shortage crisis?
  • Pressing need for change: STCW
  • Plans and priorities for 2021

What’s here to stay?

2020 was the year of response; 2021 is the year of adaptation. In order to set ourselves up for a better year and future ahead, we must ask: what of the changes we have had to make to the way we work is here to stay and be improved, what can and should be reinstated and most importantly, what brand new opportunities lie ahead.


The CrewConnect Global community is 500+ strong to date. But, on the advice of our members and supporters, we want to provide more opportunities to diversify and provide a stronger platform for meaningful conversation and opportunities.

Here’s how you can benefit.

Limited VIP passes for shipowners and managers

In 2021, ship-owners and ship management companies who are new to the CrewConnect community, attend this event for free as VIP guests.

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Maritime organisations: member passes

We work with maritime organisations to offer valuable opportunities to their members including complimentary digital access passes or discounted rates for in-person attendance.

How to apply

Complimentary passes for active seafarers

We are offering free digital access passes and limited in-person access passes to active seafarers to help us get that reality check we need and steer us in the right direction. Please email Joanna Crisan to secure your digital pass.

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