Free tours of restored Harbour Defence Motor Launch, HMS Medusa

Event Date:
Start at 10:30 AM
September 17, 2021 - September 19, 2021
HMS Medusa

Tour the restored Harbour Defence Motor Launch, HMS Medusa, the last of her class in sea-going condition. Medusa was a navigational leader for Omaha beach at D-Day and the first Allied vessel to reach Amsterdam at liberation.

Medusa is recognised as being one of the vessels selected to represent the nation’s maritime heritage by her inclusion in the National Historic Fleet. The Medusa Trust, a registered charity, exists to preserve HMS Medusa, ML1387, for future generations and use her to provide benefit to the public who can experience what it was like to be on a small naval vessel of WWII. As well as the vessel they maintain an extensive archive of documents, photographs and records of all the 480 HDMLs and their crews.

Hear her story and have a tour of the vessel which is exactly as she was built 80 years ago and is still fully operational and seagoing.