High Speed Weapons and Ship Survivability

Event Date:
Start at 1:00 PM
September 21, 2022

The increasing proliferation of supersonic and hypersonic missiles poses a changing threat for naval vessels. This webinar will look at the results of some unclassified analysis and trial data to ponder the question of how that threat has changed, and how it compares with previously accepted threat levels.

About the Speaker

Prof. David Manley, UCL

David Manley is the MOD Professor of Naval Architecture at University College London, and Course Director for UCL’s naval architecture MSc and the Submarine Design And Acquisition Course (SDAC).

He is the MOD Deputy Technical Discipline Lead of Naval Architecture MOD, Senior Fellow for Maritime Vulnerability Reduction, and Head of Specialism for Platform Survivability.

In this role, he supports the UK’s maritime enterprise in ship and submarine survivability, with involvement and engagement in all naval ship, submarine and weapon projects. His previous experience includes over 30 years working in UK naval safety and survivability, driving the development of the UK’s maritime survivability strategy, combat safety and naval mission modularity, as well as supporting survivability development through NATO, ABCANZ and TTCP activities. He is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects and a Constructor Captain in the Royal Corps of Naval Constructors.