International Naval Engineering Conference and Exhibition 2022

Event Date:
Start at 12:00 AM
November 8, 2022 - November 10, 2022

The International Naval Engineering Conference and Exhibition is the foremost professional event in the naval engineer’s calendar and in 2022 seeks to build on previous successes and expand its international credentials.

‘Adapt or die’ might be a bit strong as a starter, but there is a real sense of urgency building about our need to change and more optimism about our ability to adapt to meet the challenge. As a human species we need to adapt to stall climate change, across the generations we need to up-skill to make use of the digital revolution and Industry 4.0, and as Navies we need to reinvent ourselves to remain competitive in the battlespace.

The aim of INEC 2022 is to provide those who design, build, operate and maintain ships and submarines including students and researchers, with a platform to share ideas, create networks, promote good practise and demonstrate excellence in our global and diverse domain. Delft University of Technology will provide an excellent venue for us to come together to develop our common enterprise.

Can Navies that build ships and submarines for 30+ year lifespans stay relevant when system designs improve much more quickly? The conference lays down the challenge to ship and submarine designers, builders and support teams to adapt to integrate emerging technologies such as autonomous systems and artificial intelligence. Not only do we need to adapt, we need to build resilience through assured availability with new approaches to maintenance and repair. Given our theme, it is highly beneficial that INEC will continue to incorporate the International Ship Control Systems Symposium (iSCSS). Our continued partnership provides a breadth of technical view that remains unique in the Naval sector. I hope you will be inspired to share your work within our Naval Engineering community at INEC 2022.

INEC 2022 at a glance:

  • Excellent facilities at the Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
  • Continued crossover with the International Ship Control Systems Symposium (iSCSS)
  • Details of hybrid format being explored
  • International attendance from 56 countries
  • All technical papers published Open Access and assigned a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) reference
  • Contributes to your continuing professional development (CPD-approved)
  • Sir Donald Gosling Award – £5,000 for best entry from those 35 years old or younger

Call for Papers

The Technical Advisory Committee encourages synopses from all areas of industry, academia and government. Prospective authors are invited to submit titles, keywords and synopses of between 250 and 500 words, with text only to the INEC & iSCSS 2022 Technical Advisory Committee online.

The synopsis should introduce the topic and its relevance, the proposed method or approach to be discussed in the paper and the expected results and (direction of the) conclusions. Successful authors will be asked to develop their abstract and submit a full technical paper of up to 4000 words. All papers will be reviewed based on technical quality, relevance and their potential for generating interest and discussion. Some papers may be included in IMarEST publications after the conference, subject to the author(s)’ permission. All presentations will be in the English language.

Abstracts are requested that address a number of key themes:

Power & Propulsion
• Prime mover development
• Improving efficiency
• Signature reduction

Ship & Submarine Build
• New build processes
• Quality systems
• Programme management
• Collaboration and technology transfer

Platform Design and Technology
• Modularity
• System integration
• IPR management
• Design ownership

Autonomous Systems & AI
• Navigation systems
• Regulation and certification
• Test and trials
• C2 and Comms Engineers at the heart of the system
• Stress & fatigue
• Skills for emerging technologies
• Human Factors and AI

Simulations & Modelling
• Digital twins
• Analytical tools for design
• AR and VR based systems
• CBRNDC Management

Asset management, repair & predictive maintenance
• Remote assistance
• Application of AI/ML/DL
• Additive Manufacturing

Combat Systems
• Swarming technologies
• Communication systems
• Plug-in combat management systems

Climate change response
• Improved efficiency technologies
• Emissions reductions
• Alternative fuels

Deadline for synopses: 8th February 2022

Submit Abstract

Technical Advisory Committee

  • Chair: Cdre Stuart Henderson RN, Ministry of Defence UK
  • Jens Ballé, Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems, Germany
  • Amy Glover, Ministry of Defence, UK
  • Peter Deverill, Rolls-Royce, UK
  • Toby Drywood, BMT Global
  • Ian Grant, QinetiQ
  • Alistair Greig, University College London, UK
  • Ian Hassall, Defence Equipment & Support, UK
  • Ann Lowe, United States Department of Navy, USA
  • Paul Maillardet, UK
  • Cdre (Dr) R K Rana, India
  • Oliver Simmonds, BMT Defence & Security, UK
  • Robert Skarda, Steller Systems , UK
  • Klaas Visser, TU Delft, The Netherlands
  • Kujala Pentii, Aalto University, Finland
  • Eric Fusil, Adelaide University, Australia
  • Tamsin Dawe, Babcock International
  • Captain David Goldsmith RN, MOD UK

Sponsorship Opportunities

If you would like to discuss the various sponsorship opportunities for this conference, please contact the IMarEST Events Team: or telephone: +44 (0)207 382 2600.