Social Media Masterclass: Reaching Customers in Different Countries

Event Date:
Start at 2:00 PM
January 21, 2021

Social Media is a must-have for both brands and businesses. More than just a communication tool, effective usage can raise brand awareness and drive traffic to other channels, such as your website, to increase sales conversion.

This two hour Virtual Masterclass will include a comfort break and live Q&A session moderated by our Digital Trade Adviser, as well as provide you with a clear idea of which social media platforms are used in different countries, and how to incorporate and leverage those in your online export strategy.

Why should you attend?

Social Media is used all over the world in both developed and developing countries, but not always the same platforms are used. Do you know what platforms are used in the countries you’re looking at reaching? Are you using the right platforms to talk with your customers and raise your brand awareness?

What will you learn?

We will travel around the globe looking at examples of the platforms used in different countries. We will also look at how different cultures respond to social media messaging, such as how the use of emojis in some countries affect the reach and effectiveness of posts, the types of images that gain more traction when reaching out to people in India and China, and the power of the influencer to sell products and services.

You will leave the Masterclass with a clear idea of which social media platforms are used in different countries and how to incorporate and leverage different social media platforms into your overall export strategy.