Women in Shipping Summit 2021

Event Date:
Start at 12:00 AM
September 20, 2021 - September 21, 2021

This two-day summit is designed to support professional growth and career development, create opportunities and lead organisations to take a strategic approach to diversity and inclusion in shipping.

Content Themes

Accountability and assessment in D&I policy design and implementation

How should companies assess and (re)design their inclusion strategy in a fair and effective? We will look at examples of initiatives that work in maritime and other industries to bring you solutions you can rely on.

Laying the foundations of the inclusive workplace in shipping

Armed with robust data and insights into diversity across a range of criteria, we can then benchmark progress and advise on the right actions to drive meaningful change.

The road to recovery: The essential check-in and outlook for 2021

Moving away from the blame game and divisive rhetoric, we aimed to identify those ideas and deeply rooted practices that hold this industry behind and why this is exactly the right time to make the case for inclusion.

Maternity, return to work and flexible working arrangements

Turning to very practical roadblocks and consideration, we looked at the working environment available to women in maritime and possible solutions to improve employment and career opportunities for women on board and on shore.

Leadership, bias and what women want from their employers

Offering a dynamic and measurable system that is linked to performance — where managers must have made some practical things happen in order to drive the right environment for all people to flourish. We will look at what leaderships is needed the weed out the biases and how to move forward.

Digital transformation in shipping and opportunities for diversity

The industry is changing rapidly and one cannot begin to sketch the profile of the seafarer of the future without the words digital competencies. What does this mean for women’s access and progression in this industry? What opportunities are opening for women in digital shipping?