Mallaig Harbour Authority

Mallaig Harbour Authority
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Mallaig Harbour Authority

Mallaig Harbour Authority was formed via The Mallaig Harbour Revision Order 1968.  Prior to that time the piers and environs were owned and operated by British Railways.

The Mallaig Harbour Revision Order 2012 (established on 1st April 2012) enables the Authority to operate under the Modernisation of Trust Ports Legislation, changes the way that non-executive Board Members are appointed and dictates the duration of that appointment.

The Authority is responsible for the harbour and its development. In addition to providing information about Mallaig and the local area, this website will also offer visitors the chance to read about harbour services and our annual reports.

We are also responsible for the management of the Mallaig Yachting Marina. Boats looking for a berth on the West Coast of Scotland can take advantage of Mallaig’s fabulous setting and facilities.

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