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Between both our sites at Barbridge and Penkridge, Midway Boats are able to offer a vast range of services to cover any type of work your narrowboat may need, these include:
Painting & Signwriting
We can offer complete repaints to your requirements on narrowboats up to 70ft. We have a couple of options available:

Brush painting using high quality Epifanes Two-Pack polyurethane system for a high gloss finish, or;
Spray painting for an extremely hard wearing, high gloss finish that is easy to touch up and very stable against discolouration.

Bottom Blacking
The choice is yours, from power wash and bitumen to complete gritblasting and 2-pack epoxy including base plate if required

General Engineering
Whatever your boat needs we’ll be able to help, including electrical work, plumbing, heating, wood work, engine repair / replacement, electric propulsion systems, solar panels, welding and much much more.

With todays demands, the electric system on boats has never needed to be so well integrated. If you think your boats electrical system is in need of an overhaul we can run a complete system audit, identifying whats working, whats not and what you can do to achieve the most efficient system. We have vast experience in the supply and fit of solar panels, GEL, AGM or Lithium batteries, inverter/chargers, battery monitors and more, and most importantly, getting these to all work together in harmony.

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