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Pesky Fish
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Pesky Fish

Pesky Fish are challenging the way that fish is bought, sold and transported throughout the UK and beyond via a dynamic marketplace that provides a fairer price to fishermen for the catch landed.

A company trading with integrity to ensure that there is transparency in the fish food chain from boat to consumer, promoting a sustainable fishing industry for the vessels that land fish to Pesky Fish.

Certainly a catalyst for change enabling fishermen to have a positive future knowing that the fish caught reaches the end consumer in a fast, efficient and transparent manner. Embracing the seasonality of fish, ensuring the provenance of each species is recognised and working in a way that each and every area of the business is transparent as to the flow of fish from boat to throat.

Pesky Fish are growing and are inviting new boats to join them in the journey. Any fishermen, skippers or vessel owners wanting to discuss landing fish to Pesky Fish

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