Pink H2 Ltd

Pink H2 Ltd
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Dave Thomas
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Founder & CTO

New H2 technology to transform the energy, transport and heavy CO2 emitting industries.
Pink H2 Ltd have developed a method of zero-carbon H2 (hydrogen) production called Resonant Control Electrolysis. RCE is many times more energy and cost efficient than Alkaline or PEM electrolysis, enabling, for example, H2 retailing for € 2.50 per kg, whereas H2 produced by electrolysis using existing methods is retailing at € 10 -15 per kg.
Hydrogen – a key strategy for zero-carbon industrial applications.
Hydrogen is at the core of the strategy of the EU Green Deal, because it can be used to produce energy for many industrial applications without CO2 emissions and the only emissions are water. However the existing methods of production and storage of H2 are beset with high costs and difficulties in implementation.
Maritime applications:
Pink H2 has IP on a method of onboard production of H2 for ship propulsion and auxiliary energy. zero-emissions technology with significant savings in fuel costs (up to 60% fuel cost savings).

Pink H2 Ltd is currently developing the market ready version of RCE technology with an expected 18-24 months project before large scale production can commence. However, new technology manufacture at scale requires a significant amount of pre-planning. We believe it is vitally important to begin the pre-planning running concurrently with RCE market ready version development.

Hydrogen; onboard production technology for ships, shoreside H2 for smaller vessels.
UK SME Maritime Sector Accredited: