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PinkH2 Maritime Ltd
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John Garner
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Maritime Director

Our parent company Pink H2 Ltd has developed a method of zero-carbon hydrogen (H2) called Resonant Control Electrolysis (RCE). RCE is many times more energy and cost efficient than alkaline or PEM electrolysis, enabling hydrogen to retail for circa. £2.50 per kg whereas hydrogen produced by electrolysis using existing methods is retailing at circa. £10 - £15 per kg.
PinkH2 Maritime Ltd has been established to provide a tailored offer to the shipping and ports industry and has the intellectual property (IP) to apply the RCE technology to both medium speed four stroke engines and large two stroke internal combustion engines. The RCE technology is flexible, and scalable up and down with a low area footprint enabling hydrogen (H2) production onboard according to the exact requirements of each ship type, irrespective of size.
RCE technology does not require any supply chain or bunkering of hydrogen as a minimal buffer storage of hydrogen is maintained onboard at any time thereby reducing safety issues.

Shipping & Ship Building
Product: Resonant Control Electrolysis (RCE) which produces hydrogen. Services: Maritime safety training of how to handle hydrogen and installation services of RCE technology.
UK SME Maritime Sector Accredited: