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The Best Place to Find, Browse & Buy Used Boat Parts
Boat Scrapyard is the one stop marine chandlery shop where we list all of the boat parts we recycle from end of life boats. We also have brand new items which are surplus chandlery stock. The aim is to have the biggest selection of new and used boat parts for sale around.

Our sister company Boatbreakers, source end of life boats through their marine recycling network. Many of the boat parts we sell will be extremely hard to get hold of due to the boats they come from no longer being in production.

The Boat Scrapyard team will always try and price each item for a fair price. Unless an item is brand new it will very rarely be anywhere near the full retail price. So there should be plenty of boaty bargains!

We want to hear from you. As we expand our Marine Recycling network we want you to tell us the parts you are looking for. Another service we want to offer is pre-ordering parts from boats that we will be having delivered soon.

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