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Topbond PLC Group
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Topbond PLC Group

With over 40 years experience of civil engineering, Topbond can offer a nationwide structural repair and refurbishment service for buildings, bridges and other structures.

Topbond have a long history of concrete repairs, having worked across the UK on a whole range of reinforced concrete structures, ranging from live LNG tanks to historic listed structures.

In-house experience and expertise allow Topbond to assist in the selection of suitable repair types and materials as well as completing the works with our own teams of repairers.

Experience includes sprayed concrete, hand placed repairs, crack repairs, fairing coats and aesthetical repairs, protective coatings, and inspections and testing before repair works commence

Cathodic Protection is used to control the rate of corrosion in reinforced concrete structures thereby prolonging their service life. A retrofitted Impressed Current Cathodic Protection system can also be installed to protect the steel frames of masonry clad buildings from corrosion. Corrosion of the steel frames can result in cracking and spalling of the masonry cladding, a process known as ‘Regent Street Disease’. Topbond are seen installing a Transformer Rectifier as part of the refurbishment of a system on a Grade II listed building.

The capacity of structures built from a variety of different materials, can be increased using Carbon Fibre strengthening. On a pedestrian subway the reinforced concrete walls were exposed, and grit blasted before a series of high performance carbon fibre plates (which were coated with epoxy resin adhesive) were applied to the walls. Topbond were awarded an historic bridge award for their strengthening work of the cast iron Tickford Bridge.