The UK Quality Mark for Maritime SMEs


Created by National Maritime’s ‘SME Maritime Working Group’, this is the official UK Quality Mark for the UK SME maritime sector.

Launched to help drive trade and growth for maritime SMEs operating within the UK, this mark makes the statement that your products and services are ‘sourced, serviced or produced’ by UK companies. This signifies to buyers, consumers, and specifiers, that you associate with the globally well-regarded UK brand of maritime excellence.

Sourced, Serviced, Produced in the United Kingdom

The Quality Mark can be used by maritime companies across the globe, if the products or services are either ‘sourced, serviced or produced’ in the UK or by a UK company. First register as a National Maritime ‘Blue Prime’ Member, once accepted, you will be sent the full suite of quality marks to use.

UK Quality Mark – Standard

Our standard quality mark can be used wherever you want to champion the UK maritime sector, on social media, digital marketing, printed material, products etc.

UK Quality Mark – Green

Our green quality mark can be used by companies that are actively developing and supporting clean maritime growth initiatives.