For every category, the judges are looking for a great business. Those with excellent potential will always rank more highly in the final reckoning. This will be based on revenue growth, profitability, and major-client wins.

Judges will be looking for your success and achievements in the following areas: Trends in your business turnover and profit levels over the last two years, Key objectives over the next three years and how these will be achieved, How you monitor and measure performance against objectives, Comparison with competitors, Innovations that have contributed to performance, Initiatives and strategies for business growth and continued family ownership (where relevant) and delivering back to the UK in terms of environmental and community support.


Researching Nominees

The National Maritime research team will work with our panel of expert industry judges to identify market leaders, pioneers, innovators and enterprising business from across the entire British maritime sector, driving many of the nominations themselves.

The team will also encourage external nominations from the National Maritime network, its subscribers, online visitors, social media followers, clients and wider circulation.

Nominating parties are invited to put forward either third-party businesses whom they hold in high regard, or their own organisation.


Shortlisting Nominees

All nominees are formally requested to accept their nomination. Should any firm or individual rather decline at this point, they are withdrawn from the process.

Those formally accepting are given the opportunity to submit additional materials in support of their nomination. Although there is no obligation to complete and supply material.


Evaluating and Judging

Our dedicated research team and judges will assess all information presented to them.

The research team will gather information independently from a variety of publicly accessible sources, which are assessed alongside any material supplied by a nominating party or the nominee themselves. The judges will cast their final judgment, based on various criteria including: client dedication, innovation, business growth, longevity, online reputation, customer feedback and business performance.