Hybrid Blue Partner

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Network with thousands of influential people and form the relationships that help develop business. Access the right business support, funding, expertise and talent to grow your business. Our choice of Blue Prime partnership packages; Hybrid Blue, Platinum Blue and Pay as you GO provide more value than the traditional trade association membership model.

Key Benefits

  • Blue Prime ‘Hybrid Blue ’ partnership is free to join
  • Hybrid Blue partnership is open to all staff of the registered organisation
  • Company listed on the Blue Prime online directory for UK maritime SMEs
  • Access to the on-line National Maritime and UK Marine Hydrogen Working Group networking forums
  • Authorised use of the National Maritime logos, the Official UK Quality Mark for Maritime SMEs, and UK Marine Hydrogen Working Group logo (where relevant)
  • Receive our monthly Maritime Connection e-newsletter update – a comprehensive review of the main supply chain opportunities and issues across the sector, alerting partners to business opportunities and changes in policy and legislation
  • Representation of UK maritime SMES interests to the various tiers of national and devolved governments in the UK and internationally
  • Signposting service to the latest sector funding, expertise and talent to support business growth
  • Free use of communal meeting pods within all National Maritime Blue Space maritime hubs including free use of Wi-Fi
  • Post your latest event on the National Maritime website events page
  • Enter the annual National Maritime SME Awards and celebrate your businesses outstanding and innovative achievements
  • 10% hybrid partners discount off all Virtual and Physical paid for networking events: Live streaming, satellite and broadcast events, webinars, business breakfasts, international events and conferences, exhibitions, sector support workshops, training and briefings on topical issues