Pay As You Go Partnership

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Network with thousands of influential people and form the relationships that help develop business. Access the right business support, funding, expertise and talent to grow your business. Our choice of Blue Prime partnership packages; Hybrid Blue, Platinum Blue and Pay as you GO provide more value than the traditional trade association membership model.

Key Benefits

We’ve done a lot of research, so you don’t have to. Find out how we can help you tap into our industry expertise, world-leading research and specialist knowledge.

We offer expertise around a wide range of innovative services to our partners. This approach drives us to continuously develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of each area we work in. We provide pay as you go partnership services for.

Key Services

  • Consultancy & Support : We provide insights to help businesses and the sector grow. We help clients to understand patterns and to assess the challenges and opportunities. Our business support programmes offer several routes to explore your businesses potential.
  • Research Support & Funding: We help UK maritime SMEs identify and secure funding from external funding opportunities. We offer a complete bid management service with a flexibility of involvement to suit your needs. We help business to access skills and research and provide access to specialised research centres and facilities.
  • Enterprise & Supply Chain Development: We work with the sector to help identify ways to help meet their business needs. We help with consulting on new products or service challenges and fostering business growth and development. We help with setting up contract research projects or collaborating on joint ventures. We provide supply chain expertise and support to operating companies relating to the design, tendering of work packages, the selection of equipment and the assessment and appointment of contractors for shoreside and seagoing projects
  • Lobbying: We’ve built up over 20 years of lobbying experience. We offer our clients a robust sounding board to develop the most appropriate strategy to engage with the relevant policy issues on their agenda. In the policymaking process there are many opportunities for stakeholders to provide input and this is where we help our clients contribute effectively. We undertake a range of activities to ensure clients can meet with key influencers, participate during formal consultation periods, and use specific platforms to raise awareness of their position on any given issue.