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Andy Hurley

Marine Zero
About us:
I have driven the development of fully electric propulsion systems for small commercial vessels. This has enabled the UKs first fully electric passenger vessel to operate in the maritime environment, a design for a new build and the conversion of a larger Domestic Passenger Vessel with an approval process underway. I have project managed all of this and successfully sought funding. I have extensive leadership experience and have managed large teams of remote staff and volunteers and enjoyed the challenges that leading, motivating, and developing people provides. My maritime experience is also broad and includes small vessels up to 24 meters, larger vessels over 100 meters when working within the oil industry and internationally and inspection and management of vessels and crew. I have practical experience as Master and skipper including boat handling, navigation, crew management etc. on a variety of vessels including lifeboats, small ferries, large tugs, oil support vessels and deep sea. In March 2015, my wife and I decided it was time to take a break and we sailed our 40-year-old yacht, taking her from Plymouth to the west coast of Ireland and the across Biscay and into the Mediterranean. The vessel is now back in the UK.