Funding Opportunities – Transformation of existing fleets towards greener operations through retrofitting

Several interesting opportunities with a 26th April 2022 deadline currently being promoted that may be of interest to National Maritime partners and UK maritime SME supply chains.

All UK organisations are fully eligible to apply for funding under Horizon Europe. On 22nd December 2021, the European Commission confirmed that UK organisations can apply. 

-Exploiting electrical energy storage systems and better optimising large battery electric power within fully battery electric and hybrid ships : €16m

-Innovative non-battery electric energy storage systems on-board vessels: €15m    

-Exploiting renewable energy for shipping, in particular focusing on the potential of wind energy : €18m    

-Transformation of the existing fleet towards greener operations through retrofitting: €25m    

-Seamless safe logistics through an autonomous waterborne freight feeder loop service:  €15m    

-Computational tools for shipbuilding: €7m      

Horizon Europe Funding & tender opportunities can be found here.

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