EMR opens metals facility at Glasgow docks

Metal recycling company EUROPEAN METAL RECYCLING LIMITED (EMR) has opened a new site at Glasgow’s Clydeport docks following a “multi-million-pound investment”.

EMR says the eight-acre King George V site will receive metal for recycling from commercial clients and the public for processing and shipping to customers in the UK and around the world.

The operation will charter eight deep-sea ships with the capacity to carry up to 30,000 tonnes of cargo each in the first 12 months, the company says.

EMR says each ship will produce “a fifth of the emissions, per tonne of steel carried, compared to the smaller ships typically carrying around 3,000 tonnes currently loaded on the River Clyde by EMR.”

The site will also house an end-of-life vehicle (ELV) depolluting and recycling facility and a dedicated, segregated area for members of the public and tradespeople to drop off “small quantities” of any type of metal, such as metal household goods, copper, brass, cable, and aluminium.

The project is a partnership between EMR, landlord Peel Ports Group Ltd (Clydeport), and developer McLaughlin & Harvey Ltd

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Plans approved for £100m tyre facility at Port of Sunderland

Plans to construct a world-leading recycling plant that will put the North East at the forefront of sustainable tyre recycling have been approved.

Wastefront AS, a Norwegian green energy company backed by energy giant Vitol, plans to construct the ‘UK’s greenest tyre recycling plant’ at Port of Sunderland UK, representing the largest ever investment at the North Sea hub.

Construction on the development is expected to begin this year, with company executives confident that the plant will be in commercial operation by 2024, creating around 100 skilled jobs.

The firm’s decision to invest in Port of Sunderland was influenced by co-founder and director, Christian A. Hvamstad, an alumnus of the University of Sunderland.

Since unveiling plans for the recycling plant in August 2020, Wastefront has secured a decisive 10-year supply deal with energy giant Vitol, which will see the world’s largest independent oil trader purchase all of the Sunderland plant’s available liquid hydrocarbons.

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