UK’s path to net zero set out in landmark strategy

The Net Zero Strategy has been published today by UK government as it unveils plans to transform every sector of the economy.

This landmark strategy sets out how the UK will secure 440,000 well-paid jobs and unlock £90 billion in investment in 2030 on its path to ending its contribution to climate change by 2050.

Paolo Enrico Favino, Head of Domestic Emissions Policy, Maritime, Department for Transport (DfT), UK says they will also be extending the CMDC to a multi-year programme, delivering real-world demonstrations and technology trials of clean maritime vessels and infrastructure to decarbonise the maritime sector. This is part of UK Governments commitment to a UK Shipping Office for Reducing Emissions.

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Spotlighting the role of seafarers on World Maritime Day

Today is World Maritime Day, where the global maritime community come together to celebrate the annual day. This years theme is: “Seafarers: At the core of shipping’s future”.

The International Maritime Organization Headquarters in London will be one of several iconic landmarks to be illuminated in blue, kicking off an annual initiative to unite the maritime community and raise awareness of the vital contribution of shipping to the world. It will also draw attention to seafarers and their core role in shipping and its future.

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Cross-Channel ferries prepare for 2022 bounce-back year

English Channel ferry firms are hoping to feel the boost of Calais’ large port extension from October this year as well as injection of funds and new ferries in the fleet.

Cross-Channel operator Brittany Ferries is hoping for a ‘bounce-back year’ in 2022 with a fourfold increase on 2021 passenger numbers and a €25m injection from a new partner to boost its freight service.

Other firms which operate the Dover- Calais route are buoyed by a huge port extension – and associated new 1,000m² duty-free shop – at Calais which goes into operation in October and means it can now handle the next generation of larger ferries.

Brittany Ferries, relying on passengers for 80% of its income up to now, was hard-hit by Covid travel restrictions over the last 18 months and had to suspend several crossings between Ireland, France, England and Spain.

Now the firm has attracted new investment from French shipping and container giant CMA CGM to improve its freight capacity.

Six years of construction work, costing €863million, have resulted in a new three-kilometre dyke and three new ferry berths. It doubles the previous capacity of the port that, on average, welcomes 10 million passengers a year, in addition to its extensive freight operations.

Investment in the port already seems to be paying off. In June, Irish Ferries became the third company to operate Dover-Calais ferries, joining P&O Ferries and DFDS.

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Five Conferences One Place : WORLD MARITIME WEEK 2021, 5-7 October, Bilbao

Earlier this month we highlighted the export trade opportunities for UK marine businesses in the Basque Country and Northern Spain. In partnership with Santander UK Corporate & Commercial Banco SantanderBasque Trade & Investment / Agencia Vasca de InternacionalizaciónFORO MARITIMO VASCO ( BASQUE MARITIME FORUM). The webinar was supported by the Department for International Trade (DIT) teams both in the UK and Spain.

We are now looking forward to arranging 1:1 meetings on behalf of UK SME’s with companies and partners during next month’s World Maritime Week in Bilbao, the International meeting about Naval, Fishing, Ports, Oil &Gas and Ocean Renewable Energies.

Five Conferences One Place : SINAVAL, EUROFISHING , FUTUREPORT, OCEAN ENERGY Conference and OIL&GAS Conference

If you are interested in doing business during World Maritime Week we are working in collaboration with our partners Alium Consulting and the BILBAO EXHIBITION CENTRE (BEC)  to make this happen.

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Maritime rope could be adding billions of microplastics to the ocean every year

The hauling of rope on maritime vessels could result in billions of microplastic fragments entering the ocean every year, according to new research.

The study, by the University of Plymouth‘s International Marine Litter Research Unit, is the first to explore the potential for rope to become a source of microplastic pollution in the marine environment.

It compared a variety of synthetic ropes commonly used in the maritime industry—but differing in age, wear surface and material—to assess the quantity and characterizes of microplastics produced while they were in use.

This was achieved by simulating, in both laboratory and field experiments, the rope hauling activity which is typically performed on board maritime vessels such as fishing boats.

The results show that new and one-year old ropes can release around 20 microplastic fragments into the ocean for every meter hauled.

However, as the rope gets older it can release significantly more fragments—two-year-old ropes shed on average around 720 fragments per meter, while 10-year-old rope releases more than 760 fragments per meter.

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Thames Freeport to open in just weeks

A new port which is set to create 25,000 jobs in south Essex will be officially opened in just a matter of weeks.

Thames Freeport  will formally open for business this month, marked by the launch of a new film which brings to life the benefits of locating in the new economic zone at the heart of Europe’s biggest consumer market.

The joint bid by DP World and Forth Ports Limited in partnership with Ford UK and Thames Enterprise Park will see a Thames Freeport, with Thurrock at its heart, attract billions in private sector investment over the next 25 years.

Robin Mortimer, Chief Executive at the Port of London Authority, said: “Through the Port of London Authority, the tidal Thames connects all freeport sites to the consumer markets of London and the South East, creating the infrastructure for an innovative and green trading corridor. We are determined to play a leading role in the journey to net zero.”

Thames Freeport’s formal commercial launch will take place at an event at the Savoy Hotel, London, on Weds 15th September, the same day the National Maritime  SME Working Group meets at Woods Quay next to the Savoy during DSEI & London International Shipping Week 2021

The Thames Freeport partners are progressing the business case with the Government, with a view to receiving formal accreditation this year.

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Windship Technology secures coveted Approval in Principle for innovative triple-wing design

Windship Technology Ltd. a leading UK True Zero Emission company for the shipping industry has announced their patented triple-wing rig has received a coveted ‘Approval in Principle’ (AiP) status from shipping classification society DNV

This significant milestone in the company’s history is the result of years of design iteration work combined with the use of cutting-edge CFD to refine the wings before extensive wind tunnel testing and analysis by independent third parties. Each wing has trailing edge flaps that allow for optimisation of the motive force produced for a variety of incident wind angles and, crucially, allow the rigs to produce the highest power density of any current wind-powered solution. With three rigs set, they can produce all the power required to sail an 80,000 DWT ship on the main long transoceanic routes. 

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Government’s Hydrogen Strategy targets heavy transport

The Government expects hydrogen fuel to play an important role in the decarbonisation of heavy transport by 2030, as outlined in its Hydrogen Strategy.

It plans to unlock £4bn worth of investment and “kick start a world-leading hydrogen economy” as part of a new low carbon hydrogen energy sector.

The Government says hydrogen could play an important role in decarbonising polluting, energy-intensive industries like chemicals, oil refineries, power and heavy transport like shipping, HGV lorries and trains, by helping these sectors move away from fossil fuels.

The strategy, which was launched by business and energy secretary Kwasi Kwarteng, describes a “booming, UK-wide hydrogen economy” that could be worth £900 million and create more than 9,000 jobs by 2030.

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‘World’s first’ liquid hydrogen-powered ship delivered

HYDRA – the world’s first liquid hydrogen powered ship- has now been delivered.

Congratulations to Westcon Group & Norled AS for leading the way to a more sustainable shipping world!

She joined her near sister NESVIK on the triangular route between Hjelmeland-Skipavik-Nesvik.

Meanwhile she is ready to sail on liquid hydrogen this will only happen when supply is available, hopefully in a few months.

HYDRA is not just an unique design. This is an unique ship with high technological content paving the way for even more innovation on sea-going ships!

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DFDS launches Sheerness-Calais unaccompanied service as demand grows

DFDS has launched its new unaccompanied ro-ro service, offering a daily sailing in each direction between Calais and the Thames port of Sheerness.

It is the first regular ferry service at Peel Ports Group-owned Sheerness since Olau Line ceased calling in 1994. Since then, however, it has cemented its position as a key hub for finished vehicle shipments.

“It’s the first ferry service we’ve welcomed at Sheerness in more than two decades and its launch has helped create further opportunities for our customers, as well as the creation of up to 100 direct and indirect local jobs,” said Richard Goffin, port director, London Medway, for Peel Ports.

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