X Shore, ‘Tesla of electric boats’ maps UK launch this summer

X Shore | 100% Electric Boats, a Swedish brand driving the future of electric, connected and sustainable boating, has just announced a €15 million (£13 million approx.) round of funding backed by a group of investors in the e-mobility, sustainability, and electrification space.

The company plans to bring Eelex 8000 to the UK for the first time this summer. The launch will depend on the easing of pandemic-related travel restrictions – for test drives and to explore the UK market’s appetite.

Working at the intersection of technology and boats, X Shore built the Eelex 8000 to be entirely connected and sustainable. The Eelex 8000 features a number of innovations, including its proprietary mobile and smartwatch app, which unlocks and turns on the boat when in range, smart overboard detection, geo-fencing software, autopilot, and innovative design.

Using cork instead of teak, and recycled plastics, as well as optional Flax fibre instead of fibreglass and carbon fibre, X Shore designed its boats to support a cleaner environment.

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