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What we do

We work with UK maritime industries and communities to promote and develop excellence in all maritime business activities, providing opportunities for the exchange of ideas and practices to deliver a sustainable programme of business support and community development.


Membership opens the door to new business opportunities, it is corporate, meaning that all your staff join, not just one individual within a business.

Events & Networking

Business is all about making the right connections and building the relationships that lead to further business. Make the maritime connection and start networking today.

Job-site & Recruitment

Jobs in Maritime, the global maritime job-site and recruitment service of National Maritime. Start your executive search with us.


Maritime industries respond best to a single approach and brand experience, no matter how they chose to engage. So, now let’s talk about you.

Why Choose Us?

Features & Benefits

We bring together enthusiastic and likeminded professionals who are looking to advance the state of the UK maritime sector

We help our members to realise their business visions and work to address their targeted business challenges

We ensure that the strategic approach to supporting the UK maritime sector is total, not just for the selected few or at the highest level

We offer a single conduit to bring coherent sector support, reducing bureaucracy, add weight to arguments for infrastructure improvements and destination making

We actively encourage cross sector collaboration to simplify the approach that best drives sector success and economic growth

We provide services that enable maritime businesses to improve productivity and increase employment and trade

We are a powerhouse of businesses focused on supply chain development and the sustainable growth of estuarine and coastal communities

We take on the challenge of ensuring that the UK remains a global maritime centre

Blue Council | Blue Growth

The voice of the UK maritime sector

A large part of our work is to help make the links between policy-makers, stakeholders and our membership to ensure that governments understand the views and needs of maritime industries. Blue Council is made up of government, stakeholders, local and regulatory bodies and authorities who have an interest in the regeneration and sustainable growth of estuarine and coastal communities, to help drive sector and economic growth.

It is the councils mission to deliver on behalf of our members trusted specialist expertise in communicating and influencing at a regional and UK level on maritime issues across National, European and International government and Governmental bodies . The Blue Council is currently developing a Blue Growth plan to support economic growth for the coastal and estuarine towns and cities, and maritime industries located within London and the South East – Blue Growth is a sector initiative involving public and private sector partners.

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Thanks for a great event and all you do to promote our great maritime sector.

Rt Hon Anna Soubry, Minister of State


Thank you, Sezen, for an excellent meeting, which I attended in some trepidation, being something of a backroom person, but it was very useful and I made some good contacts.

Bob Telford, Faversham Creek Trust


Many thanks – I’m very happy it hit the spot. I enjoyed the various interactions before, after the presentation and there were a lot of good connections made.

Roger Bailey, Tideway



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