Hulk Recording: Knackered boats & how to record them

Event Date:
Start at 12:00 AM
February 20, 2021


This course will provide a theoretical and practical insight to the practice of recording of hulked vernacular vessels abandoned in the inter-tidal zone. The course aims to introduce participants to hulk recording and its practical application in an archaeological context. Through theoretical presentations participants will see how the study of hulked vessels can contribute to the interpretation of the archaeological record.

Through presentations and online practical exercises, participants will learn the key aspects of these vessels to record. They will also learn about avenues of research to help identify these hulks, and methods of disseminating this information will also be covered.

Theoretical sessions will look at why archaeologists record hulked vessels; how archaeologists record hulked vessels; vessel construction and survey techniques; and, how to draw up scaled plans


The course is aimed at individuals undertaking the NAS Training programme, as well as professional archaeologists wanting to increase their knowledge of hulk recording.

NAS members will earn 5 credits for attending


A computer or tablet (phone screens are a bit small to look at for the whole day) with a good internet connection is essential. A built-in or external webcam and microphone are optional. A week before the course you will receive an invitation to the online course session which will be run through GoToMeeting. This is an online video conferencing programme that can be run directly through the internet or you get better connection if you download the small programme – it only takes a minute to do.

If you are concerned about your computer set up, please contact the organiser at for a test run before the course.


NAS members £30
Non-NAS members £60 (although as NAS membership starts at £12, you’re better off becoming a member and getting the discount rate immediately!)


Grant Bettinson, CITiZAN. Grant will be the tutor for this course and will impart his substantial knowledge of practical techniques of recording hulks as an archaeologist would do it but also demonstrating techniques that are available to enthusiastic volunteers.

Andy Sherman, CITiZAN. Andy is a guest presenter who will demonstrate to participants how to use the CITiZAN app.


Please note Timetable is provisional and may be subject to change

10.00 Log on, online etiquette and introductions – NAS Host

10.20 Definition of a hulk – Grant Bettinson

10.30 Basic recording – how to record a hulk using the CITiZAN app – Andy and Grant

10.45 Practical exercise – recording using the app – participants

11.15 Questions and break – NAS Host

11.30 What does it all mean : Rule of thumb and diagnostic features of a hulk – Grant Bettinson

12:15 Questions and break

12.30 Context is King : Lloyd’s register and oral accounts

13.00 Quick Quiz – NAS Host

13:15 Lunch break

13:45 Digitisation: Record keeping

14.15 Measured sketch – Grant Bettinson

14.30 Practical exercise – doing a measured sketch – participants

15.00 Reviewing the measured sketches – Grant Bettinson

15:15 Questions and break – NAS Host

15.30 Outreach methods and dissemination – Grant Bettinson

16.15 Practical exercise – disseminating hulk info – participants

16.30 Quick Quiz – NAS Host

16:45 Getting involved with NAS and CITiZAN – NAS Host and Grant Bettinson

17:00 Feedback and course end