LatAm Outlook 2020 Update

Event Date:
Start at 2:00 PM
September 8, 2020

The Canning House LatAm Outlook 2020 Update will provide an update on the forces shaping Latin America’s political, economic, social and business environment, and project their likely impact on society, financial and economic development, and trade and investment.

Just four months have passed since the launch of the Canning House LatAm Outlook, yet the situation could hardly look more different as the region struggles with the Covid-19 pandemic and the myriad problems it presents.

Essential for any business wrestling with decisions about whether or not to trade, invest or offer financial services to the major economies of Latin America. Equally vital for existing businesses seeking to stay resilient in the face of potential changes. Join us for an updated assessment aiming to provide some clarity during times of great uncertainty.

In partnership with Ipsos, Itaú Bank, Control Risks, and FT LatAm Editor Michael Stott.


Michael Stott
Latin America Editor, Financial Times

Michael is the Latin America Editor of the Financial Times based in London and has reported from more than 60 countries in more than three decades as a foreign correspondent and news executive. He covered Latin America between 1990-1998, living in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. Michael graduated from Cambridge University with an MA in Modern Languages and speaks fluent Spanish, Portuguese, French, German and Russian.

Alex Gronberger
CEO Latin America, Ipsos

Originally from Argentina, Alex was educated at Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina, Santa María de los Buenos Aires. His brand and marketing expertise was initially honed at Unilever where he spent 10 years managing various brands across Argentina, Colombia and the United States. He joined Ipsos in 1995 as a partner and founder of Ipsos Advertising Research in Latin America, building advertising research specialist teams in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela and Chile. His work in Latin America helped drive Ipsos ASI to the leading position in the region.

João Pedro Bumachar Resende
Senior Latin America Economist, Itaú Unibanco

João is responsible for covering Latin American economies at Banco Itaú. He holds a Business Management degree from FGV-SP (2003) and a master’s degree in Economics from PUC-RJ (2006). He worked in the economics department of Banco BBM for two years before joining Unibanco, also in the economics department, in October 2008.

Oliver Wack
Partner, Control Risks

Oliver is a Partner for Control Risks’ Global Risk Analysis team for the Americas. In this position Oliver leads a team of risk analysts and consultants whose focus areas include the development of corporate market-entry assessments, sector risk analysis, stakeholder mapping and other tailored risk analysis and consulting work across North and South America.