Salvage & Wreck Removal Conference

Event Date:
Start at 12:00 AM
December 2, 2020 - December 4, 2020

Collaboration, cooperation and risk management for casualty response and wreck removal.

The leading online meeting place for salvage and wreck professionals.


Dialogue on the capability of salvors to manage major casualties in the future

  • Is the current model for salvage sustainable in the long term?
  • What do insurers want/need from salvors?
  • Industry debate on measures to future proof salvage

Valuing the LOF: the insurance industry discusses pros and cons of the LOF

  • What is the value of the immediacy of the LOF and the consequences of delay?
  • Can H&M and P&I agree a simple process to decide on the right contract for a casualty?
  • What are the views of others including cargo interests, brokers and loss adjustors

Managing casualty operations during a pandemic

  • How does the pandemic impact on salvage and wreck removal operations?
  • What are the implications for logistics, travel, costs and compensation?
  • Can casualties be managed remotely? Hear a case study of casualty management under lockdown

Revising wreck removal contracts and processes for tendering

  • Discuss the IG/ISU Code of Practice on wreck removal tendering
  • Learn about the BIMCO QRA project and its implications