Scrubbers: Operation, Maintenance and Compliance Virtual Seminar

Event Date:
Start at 12:00 AM
October 8, 2020 - October 9, 2020

Cost benefit analysis. Regulatory compliance. Operational efficiency.

Brought to you by Lloyd’s Maritime Academy. Navigate your way through the scrubber installation and operation process with expert insights and shipowner case studies.

Agenda highlights 2020

Understand regulatory compliance

  • Sulphur cap enforcement post January 2020 and what the future holds
  • Port regulations on scrubber washwater & sludge disposal
  • How is Port State Control monitoring compliance with IMO 2020?

Explore investment and financing options in current economic conditions

  • Assess the current scrubber market and cost/benefit analysis
  • Understand the impact on the market of the oil price drop and shipyard delays
  • Analyse financing options and potential payback times in light of economic changes

Manage system selection & installation

  • Planning effective installation project management
  • Meeting the challenges of retrofitting and shipyard timetables
  • Choosing the right materials to reduce breakdowns

Discuss efficient operations with practical examples

  • Experiences of using scrubbers: compliance, successes and failures
  • Choosing the right system for the fleet profile
  • Developing new technology for emissions monitoring

Ensure you are planning for contingencies

  • Trouble shooting ship board systems
  • Learn about the penalties & liability for non-compliance
  • Hear the P&I perspective on loss prevention and claims

Hear about crew training and maintenance issues

  • Undertaking crew training for correct and safe scrubber operation
  • Using data collection and monitoring equipment correctly
  • Discuss how manufacturers can provide after sales service