CMS Geotech Ltd

CMS Geotech Ltd
Contact Name:
David Hitchcock
Contact Position:
Managiing Director

CMS Geotech Ltd is a small and ambitious Company based in Suffolk, Devon and Cornwall with (ex-colleagues and a past office in Glasgow) founded in 2014 on 25 years’ experience of planning and conducting extensive marine surveys, frequently in Scotland and offshore/overseas. We specialize in a wide range of seabed testing and sampling activities for cable routes, pipelines, construction and contamination assessment for MMO/CEFAS and Marine Scotland dredging & development licenses. Our website has more details. Depending on the scale of the project we can act as main contractor or sub-contractor / hire company. Worldwide we work with a range of partners.

We own equipment to acquire geotechnical data up to 20m below seabed using a range of systems including seabed penetrometers (Datem Neptune 5000 CPT), 3 x vibrocorers including 2 heavy duty proven designs, piston corers, USNEL box corers and assorted size grabs available as subcontractor service or equipment hire and offer a full range of marine, coastal & waterway surveys on our own or 3rd party vessels

Geotechnical Testing & Sampling – Vibrocore, CPT including Magnetometer Cone, Thermal Resistivity Cone and Graviprobe®, Piston and Gravity Cores, Grabs (USNEL Box, Hamon, Day, Van Veen etc) Environmental Surveys – Beam Trawls, Water Quality Sampling, Underwater Video, ADCP, benthic sampling & identification Bathymetric & Hydrographic Surveys – Single beam and RESON, R2SONIC & GeoSwath Multibeam Echosounders with seabed discrimination , Geotexture, feature habitat mapping, high resolution integrated laser (above water) and multibeam (below water) asset surveys Geophysical Remote Sensing – Sidescan Sonar, Shallow Seismic Profiling, Magnetometer, UXO detection, ROV & towed sensor cable depth of burial surveys, Dredge Monitoring – Volume change, plume dispersal, EIA, sediment contaminant testing for MMO/Marine Scotland licence to CEFAS guidelines