Royal Yacht Britannia will be built and operational within four years

Boris Johnson has announced that a replacement for the Royal Yacht Britannia will be built and operational within four years.

Downing Street has unveiled plans, which will see the new ship “host high level trade negotiations and trade shows and will sail all over the world promoting British interests” as a part of the country’s post-Brexit “open Britain” push.

The new £200m ship will replace the Royal Yacht Britannia, which was the 83rd and last royal yacht after Tony Blair opted to not build a replacement.

Downing Street said the new ship’s role will be “distinct from that of any previous national flagship” and will dock at countries that are due for prime ministerial visits.

But there’s just one small problem the Queen nor her family want one.

The idea that it might be named after her late husband Prince Philip was snubbed by Buckingham Palace and a senior royal told The Sunday Times that a royal yacht was “too grand” a symbol for use in the modern age. “It is not something we have asked for,” they added.

National Maritime Perspective:
It is not a new national flagship that we need to announce that we are once more “a great independent, maritime nation!” Whilst it would most definitely support shipbuilding in this country, there may just be better ways to represent and promote the best of British… but there again Boris is of course a sucker for vanity projects…anyone fancy a stroll across the Garden Bridge!

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National Maritime Strengthens SME Support With Key Appointments

We are pleased to announce the further strengthening of our SME Maritime Working Group with the appointment of three new sector champions .

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Fleet Solid Support ships competition launched

The UK Ministry of Defence has launched a £1.6 bn competition to acquire three new Fleet Solid Support ships that will keep the Royal Navy two new aircraft carriers stocked with supplies while at sea.

The competition marks the UK’s second attempt at the programme to acquire the new Royal Fleet Auxiliary ships that have consistently drawn criticism for the UK government’s plans to allow foreign shipyards to participate in the work.

Under the competition, the UK wants the three ships delivered by 2032. High-level requirements for the competition include a ship design that ‘minimises whole-life cost’ and meets sustainability objectives.

The National Maritime SME Maritime Working Group which helps drive trade and growth for maritime SMEs operating within the UK will continue lobbying government to ensure that products and services used on the builds are ‘sourced, serviced or produced in the UK under the UK Quality Mark of Excellence.

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Closing Soon : 9th May 2021 : 2nd Ocean Innovation Challenge on Sustainable Fisheries

Up to $250,000 + 1:1 support available.

The Ocean Innovation Challenge (OIC) is a unique new mechanism that has been designed to accelerate progress on SDG14 by identifying, financing, advising, & mentoring truly innovative, entrepreneurial & creative approaches to ocean & coastal restoration & protection that sustains livelihoods & advances the ‘blue economy’.

The OIC seeks innovations that are transferable, replicable, & scalable to achieve maximum catalytic impact. Through this challenge it is seeking innovative solutions that address one or more of the following SDG 14 targets:

14.4 By 2020, end overfishing, IUU fishing & destructive fishing practices

14.7 By 2030, increase the economic benefits to SIDS & LDCs from the sustainable use of marine resources, including through sustainable management of fisheries (and) aquaculture.

14.b Provide access for small scale artisanal fishers to marine resources & markets

Project proponents can include governments, private companies (including start-ups), NGO/CSO, United Nations entities, academic institutions, & intergovernmental organizations.

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The Official UK Quality Mark for Maritime SMEs – Use It and Watch Your Business Grow!

Our UK Quality Mark is helping to unite the UK maritime sector. Signify to your customers that you stand for UK excellence by displaying the ‘Source, Service or Produce’ quality mark.

“Stamping ‘Made in UK’ on products could boost exports by £3.5bn”.

A global survey of consumers showed marketing UK exports as ‘Made in Britain’, could grow export receipts by £3.5bn.

With further trade deals on the horizon, British exporters have the opportunity to add value to their businesses, through boosting exports to nations where British products are desirable, according to research by Barclays Corporate Banking.

In a global survey of 10,000 people respondents were asked how much extra they’d be willing to pay if products such as food and drink, clothing and cars bore a Union Jack kite mark.

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