Blue Abyss brings world’s biggest and deepest pool to Cornwall with £150m project

After previously being in advanced negotiation with many interested parties including Merseyside and the UK Ministry of Defence in Central Bedfordshire, it great to see this project finally land in Cornwall, although at a £15m higher asking price than its original funding requirement.

A huge congratulations to John Vickers it looks like its finally happening and what great news also for Cornwall as the world’s biggest and deepest pool for testing the latest underwater technology, helping advance subsea robotics and even training astronauts is planned.

Blue Abyss a £150 m facility which has the support of British astronaut Major Tim Peake, will be the world’s leading extreme environment research, test and training centre serving the offshore energy, marine, defence and space sectors.

It is planned for the Aerohub Enterprise Zone at Cornwall Airport Newquay, and is expected to create 160 jobs, pump £50m of build costs into Cornwall during its 18-month construction and generate £8m annually for the local economy.

A great opportunity also for the UK SME Maritime supply chain.

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