Policy Support for Industrial Resilience Virtual Workshop

Event Date:
Start at 9:00 AM
June 26, 2020 - July 2, 2020

The Foundation consortium are sharing good practices from across their regions at the ‘Policy Support for Industrial Resilience’ workshop

About this Event

FOUNDATION is an Interreg Europe funded SME Competitiveness project that brings together 9 partners in a consortium led by Cork Institute of Technology. The project is focused on supporting regions pre and post economic shocks and closures of anchor tenants in their industrial ecosystems. The impact of such economic shocks and closures goes beyond direct employees and ripple wave-like, throughout the regional services sector and economy. Management of such anticipated structural change requires proactive renewal of business approaches and policy supports. In the wake of COVID-19, the FOUNDATION partnership wishes to share international Good Practices with external stakeholders and regions across Europe to support them in accessing information, empirical insights and practices to plan for the future. Whilst our medical professionals fight this pandemic on the front-line, collaborative sharing by regional stakeholders can support the resilience of all regions across Europe and further afield, in enabling them to adapt to what is unprecedented change.

In a workshop titled ‘Policy Support for Industrial Resilience’, each of our partner regions will have an opportunity to share a policy, initiative or programme which is helping to support economic resilience in their region. This workshop will endeavor to provide stimulating insights that offer a plan ‘B’ or ‘C’ scenario for industrial structural change, such as:

  • ‘Out of times of crisis, comes opportunity’ and the FOUNDATION partnership identify hands-on solutions to such economic shocks and business closures;
  • Increased collaboration and shared trust can nurture regional resilience once the key stakeholders work together for the betterment of the regions;
  • Strategic plans must be developed for resistance and recovery as inevitably, change awaits us all. Furthermore, education and government policies must keep up with industry demands as the fast pace evolution of technological IN4.0 and network speed (5G-6G) advancements are perpetual; and
  • The creation of clear solutions to critical junctures can enable the development of regional economies that are experiencing challenges of large-scale job losses.

Regional economic consciousness must explore new ways of quickly adapting to significant firm closures and economic crises such as COVID-19. ‘Let us work together, learn together and make a real difference together’.

We would be delighted if you would register to join our interactive webinar and share your insights.

To access the draft agenda please visit our website HERE.