The Law Relating to Brokerage and Boat Retailers

Event Date:
Start at 9:30 AM
November 18, 2020

All professional brokers and retailers of yachts, motorboats and other small craft will undertake duties and activities that have legal implications and obligations.

There is always the risk of becoming involved in legal claims and disputes and this course aims to provide you with a broad understanding and awareness of the principles of English law that apply to the buying and selling of new and second hand boats to minimise the commercial and legal risks to your business, to yourself and to your customers:

Part One focuses on the fundamental principles of English law with an emphasis on contract law and the law of negligence (tort). We explain the English legal system, pre-contract negotiations and contract formulation and consider the concept of negligence and potential liability and risks. We also look at Admiralty law, a distinctive branch of law.

Part Two examines consumer protection legislation which governs and regulates the sale of goods, the specific industry practice relating to the sale and purchase of vessels and the rights that purchasers have under English law. We also review the concept of ‘misrepresentation’ in the context of selling boats.

Part Three briefly covers industry-specific topics such as VAT, The Recreational Craft Directive (‘RCD’), yacht finance and the registration of vessels in the UK.

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