TIGER / OPIN Webinar: Tidal supply chain opportunities

Event Date:
Start at 9:30 AM
July 9, 2020

You are invited to join the first in a series of six supply chain seminar events as part of the TIGER project, a €45m project funded by Interreg France (Channel) England via the Zoom meeting platform. The events are hosted by EMEC and facilitated by ORE Catapult.

The first event, supported by the Ocean Power Innovation Network, will focus on subsea cables & connectors, aiming to integrate cross-sector supply chain capability and innovation into the development of world leading tidal energy projects.


This event will hear from leading tidal energy deployments with presentations from technology developers at the coal face of industrial innovation.

• TIGER & OPIN introductions

• MeyGen – Subsea Cables; Lessons learnt and future arrays – Fraser Johnson O&M Manager

• Orbital Marine Power’s O2: The most powerful, technologically advanced tidal turbine in the world – Mark MacCarthy

• Sabella subsea assets: What we have learnt and future supply chain requirements – Erwann Nicolas, Engineering Manager

• Synaptec’s platform for electrical protection: Subsea asset management – Tom Morley Business development

This event will introduce supply chain companies to the challenges and opportunities within the tidal and offshore energy sectors. Q&A sessions will provide attendees the opportunity to directly engage with leading technology developers and hear about upcoming procurement opportunities and potential R&D collaborations.

*Please note this live webinar will be recorded and made openly accessible as per Interreg funding requirements.

Emerging themes for future TIGER supply chain events to keep an eye out for are:

• Rotor enhancement – design, materials and antifouling
• Mooring, anchoring systems and marine operations
• Site characterisation – is autonomy a cheaper and safer option?

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In the UK alone, the tidal industry is predicted to generate £1.4bn and 4,000 jobs by 2030. Worldwide, the ocean energy industry is predicted to be worth £76 billion by 2050, outstripping growth and export potential in most other sectors.

TIGER aims to drive growth in tidal stream energy by installing up to 8 MW of new tidal capacity at sites in and around the Channel region of France and the UK, driving innovation and the development of new products and services.

About OPIN

This event is co-hosted by the Ocean Power Innovation Network (OPIN) project, financially supported by Interreg North West Europe. To join OPIN, register for free at the following link”.