UK: Holland No.5 and Normans’ Bay Protected Wrecks Day

Event Date:
Start at 7:00 AM
October 9, 2020

A chance to dive two of the UK’s protected wrecks in one day. A morning dive on the Holland 5 submarine (32m) followed by the wreck trail around the cannon on the 17th century Normans’ Bay site (12m).

Divers will receive a thorough dive briefing and archaeological site briefing before each dive so that they will know what to look out for and will have an understanding of the underwater site and it’s place in history.

More on Holland 5 submarine –

More on the Normans’ Bay Wreck –

Divers who are interested in ‘Diving for a Purpose’ will enjoy this day out.

Please note that minimum dive qualifications apply. Divers need to be at least BSAC Sport Diver or PADI Rescue Diver with recently logged dives in the 30 meter range. Divers will also need to use a twin set or pony bottle set up, re-breathers are also welcome.

Five credits will be awarded to NAS members to go towards their NAS Certificate or Award.