Prehistoric Intertidal and Submerged Landscapes

Event Date:
Start at 10:00 AM
December 12, 2020


As we constantly hear about sea levels rising in the not-too-distant future, it’s important to understand how this has affected our ancient ancestors and how these changes have been preserved in the archaeological record.

During this one-day course, participants will learn about the archaeological evidence from intertidal and submerged prehistoric sites and what that can teach us about past landscapes. It will focus mainly on the UK but with some examples from Europe. As well as considering what these sites add to the archaeological record, the module will consider the processes of submergence, bringing in new evidence for the complexity of tectonic changes and human adaptations to sea-level change. Participants will learn through a series of presentations and practical online activities and will have the opportunity to participate in ongoing projects after the course.

This course will not deal with submerged cities, either real or mythical, such as Atlantis.

This course is aimed at people who would like to gain an understanding of how past sea level rising has affected our ancestors and how that is preserved in the archaeological record. It will also be of interest to people who want to actively help record the constantly diminishing evidence of submerged landscapes and participate in ongoing projects.

NAS members will earn 5 credits for attending

A computer or tablet (phone screens are a bit small to look at for the whole day) with a good internet connection is essential. A built-in or external webcam and microphone are optional. A week before the course you will receive an invitation to the online course session which will be run through GoToMeeting. This is an online video conferencing programme that can be run directly through the internet or you get better connection if you download the small programme – it only takes a minute to do.

If you are concerned about your computer set up, please contact the organiser at for a test run before the course.

NAS members £30
Non-NAS members £60 (although as NAS membership starts at £12, you’re better off becoming a member and getting the discount rate immediately!)

Sam Griffiths is the Lead Archaeologist for CITiZAN in the Humberside area and his area of expertise is prehistoric peoples, past landscapes and lithic technologies across Europe.

The guest speaker will be Rachel Bynoe who is a Lecturer in Archaeology at the University of Southampton and a Palaeolithic maritime archaeologist with a focus on submerged Pleistocene landscapes.

TIMETABLE in British Summer Time

10.00 Log on, online etiquette and introductions – NAS Host

10.20 How to identify a prehistoric, intertidal/submerged landscape (virtual tour)

11.15 Questions and break – NAS Host

11.30 Types of evidence on these sites: artefacts, ecofacts and geoarchaeology

12.00 Quick Quiz – participants

12:15 Questions and break – NAS host

12.30 How to record these sites on the CITiZAN app and Coastal Map

12.45 Practical exercise – recording a site on the app or through the web – participants

13:00 Lunch break

13:30 Humberside’s prehistoric past

14.15 Case study – Guest speaker: Dr Rachel Bynoe, Centre for Maritime Archaeology

14.45 Questions and break – NAS Host

15.00 Adding to your, or other, sites on the Coastal Map

15.30 Jersey Neanderthals and Intertidal archaeology (Speaker TBC)

16:00 Ongoing project

16:30 Getting involved with NAS and CITiZAN – NAS Host and Sam Griffiths

17:00 Feedback and course end